Lenten Ojibwe Hymn Sing

April 2, 2017 Breck Memorial Mission, Ponsford

There has emerged a tradition of gathering each Sunday during lent to sing hymns, witness, and pray. It annually recreates a journey that stitches together the traditional communities of the Anami’aajig on the Northern reservations. Always beginning with Onigum village on the Leech Lake, and proceeding through Cass Lake, and other communities on the Red Lake and White Earth communities, and completing the journey at the mother church, St. Columba’s, White Earth.  As with virtually any sacred moment in Ojibwe life, the sings begin with food, and often foods of the land: wild rice, deer meat, swamp tea, and of course jello.

Ojibwe language hymn singing today is a beautiful, indigenized form of worship, and has much to teach us Episcopalians.  Please join in, the event starts at 3pm!

For more information please contact The Rev Robert Two Bulls, Missioner of the Dept. of Indian Work at 612-870-3326. You can also read a brief history of this practice here.