CANCELLED - East Metro Mission Area Gathering

April 14, 2018 Holy Apostles Episcopal Church, St. Paul

We thought we would be safe planning an event in mid-April, but alas, Minnesota has decided differently.  To ensure everyone's safety, we have cancelled this event, and ask that you not try to travel today.


We were planning on viewing the movie The Shack. If you find yourself stuck at home this weekend, consider watching it, and discussing these questions with family and friends:

1. How important is childhood physical and emotional abuse in an individual’s life? Can the scars of this abuse be healed over time and therapy?

2. After the death of the youngest child, the older sister has feeling of guilt and responsibility for her disappearance. What helped ease that guilt? When things go poorly for others in our lives, what do we do to ease their pain and discomfort?

3. Who needs your forgiveness and assurance of your love or friendship? What offense would be the most difficult to forgive?

4. The three individuals, who are at the Shack, represent the Trinity of our Christian faith. Are they depicted  in a meaningful way for you and/or are you having trouble seeing the Trinity in any of these individuals? How would you have portrayed the Trinity if you were the director of The Shack?

5. Transformation can and does happen in individuals we know. What transformations did you see in this movie? What transformation have you personally had in your life? How was that transformation achieved and was it gradual or a quick insight into a better way?

6. Is there a relationship between your upbringing and how you “see God in your life”? What does God mean to  you in your personal and public life?

7. In your own life was there a particular event or a new start to Healing and Forgiveness, which led you to a stronger faith?