Construction or Alteration of Real Property

Any construction or alteration of the church or other real property owned or leased by a faith community begins with a review of civil and canon law and a gathering of relevant documents. There is help available for this work.  Should you have any questions, please contact your Trustees, for assistance or clarification.

Step One: Review Canon Law

Review the Canon Law that governs this process. This will help all parties to be on the same page about the process and what is required.

Click here to review Canon Law.

Step Two: Contact your Trustees

Once you're ready to start the process, contact your Trustees, who will help you walk through the process. You can contact them by emailing:

Step Three: Questionnaire

Every property transaction begins with this questionnaire.  The questions are narrative and answers will provide background information that is essential to those reviewing the transaction.

Click here to start the questionnaire.

Step Four: Property Documents

The Trustees will walk you through the process of gathering and sharing all necessary documents so that all parties have the information they need to review the transaction.

Important Resources for the Process

Sample Resolutions

Language for Inclusion in all design contracts

Required Insurance Coverage