Episcopal House of Prayer: Spirit & Breath Cooperative

December 14, 2017 - December 18, 2017 Episcopal House of Prayer, Collegeville

$625/Full Retreat (Includes Sunday overnight)

Residential retreat for discerning the Fruits of the Spirit. This retreat will introduce a method of accessing spiritual consciousness in the service of emotional healing and spiritual transformation. It is developed from the explorations of contemplative and religious traditions. Through accelerated breathing, combined with music and focused body work, participants gain access to levels of emotional and spiritual awareness that are not normally in our consciousness. For many people there is recognition and integration of elements of themselves that are forgotten or energetically and emotionally blocked. Others experience insights about the nature of spiritual consciousness, and a renewed understanding of self and God. Many experience a new strength in their connection with the Divine. Doing this requires a commitment to a personal journey that includes not simply the spiritual experience itself, but also reflection and integration of that experience into daily life. The retreat is inspired by Holotropc Breathwork of Stan Grof.

Space is limited, register early here: http://ehouseofprayer.org/programs/

Offered by Fr. K.C. Thomas, who has a Masters in Philosophy and Integral Counselling Psychology from Sadhana Institute founded by Fr. Anthony D’mello. He is a former faculty member of Institute of St. Anselm (U.K), Sophia Center (Holy Names University), Oakland and is currently the Director of Bosco Institute of Psychology and Spirituality (Trivandrum, Kerala, India) and a certified facilitator of Holotropoic Breathwork. He has given workshops in Salesian Pontifical University (Rome) and Tangaza University (Nairobi).