Disciplinary Board

When there is a question about whether a member of the clergy has been involved in misconduct, the Disciplinary Board, as described in Title IV of the Canons of the Episcopal Church, has the responsibility to investigate the matter, consider and decide whether a violation of the Canons has taken place, and discern what must be done to bring healing, reconciliation, and justice for all involved. Throughout this process, the clergy member is obligated not only to “tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth” as might be expected in a courtroom, but also to do all in their power to confess their faults, make amends, and work toward healing and wholeness. Therefore, the responsibility of the Disciplinary Board is not to simply proceed as if in a criminal or civil court, but rather to carefully discover the facts of the matter, then to prayerfully discern what might be done to bring about the greatest amount of healing, wholeness, and reconciliation for the faith community and the clergy member involved. 

(serving 2015-2018)

Terms expire following 2016 Convention

L – Ms. Katrina Gadwa, St. Paul – katrina.gadwa@gmail.com

L – Ms. Minnie Steele, Golden Valley* – minnie.2purses@gmail.com

P – The Rev. Linda Lundgren, Proctor – jaylundgren@yahoo.com

P – The Rev. John Peters, Eden Prairie* – johnpeters@isd.net

D – The Rev. Barbara Hauck, Duluth – hauckb1@gmail.com

Terms expire following 2017 Convention

L – Ms. Angie Paulson, St. Paul – paulson.angie@gmail.com

L –Mr. Rich Harris, Kasson* – rrhars@charter.net

L – Mr. Christopher Williams – cpwilliams19@gmail.com

D – The Rev. Patrick Markie, West St. Paul – revdeaconpat@gmail.com

P – The Rev. John Dwyer, Roseville – fr.john@stchristophers-mn.org (President)

Terms expire following 2018 Convention

P – The Rev. Justin Chapman, Rochester – justinpchapman@gmail.com

P – The Rev. Bill Van Oss, Duluth – billvanoss@stpaulsduluth.org

D – The Rev. Priscilla Gray – blackbear68@jetup.net    

L – Ms. Sue Grove, Austin* – sgrove@riverland.edu

L – Mr. Jeffrey Evans, St. Louis Park* – jevans62@msn.com

*denotes second term