ECMN Youth Commission

young people posing for a group photo with a button to play a video

(above is a video created by the Youth Commission inviting other youth to MN TEC)

A preliminary Youth Commission has been established to help design what they are calling MN TEC. This Teens Encounter Christ retreat is a new statewide initiative for all of ECMN. This commission has 18 youth and 4 young adults with a variety of prior TEC experiences. They are eagerly working on their first MN TEC April 13-15 at St. Mark's Cathedral. This is a brand new retreat, and the youth on the commission have been empowered to write the schedule and do all the planning. It will have space for 48 new candidates who have not been to a TEC before. It will also have space for 50-100 kids returning to TEC to be on the leadership team. Please consider having your faith community be involved in the building of this life-changing retreat.

For more information:
Read their First Meeting Synopsis.
Read their Second Meeting Synopsis.

In May we will make a broad invitation to all ECMN faith communities to nominate at least one youth entering Grades 9-12 to join this Youth Commission. Over the summer this group will decide what it's 2018-2019 projects are. The official appointment and kick-off will occur at the ECMN Annual Convention Sept. 14-15 in Mankato.

For more information, please email Sarah Barnett (