Engaging God's Mission

Engaging God's Mission


When we say ‘mission’ what we’re talking about is the work of restoring the world to God’s Shalom

“The Word became flesh and blood and moved into the neighborhood” John 1:14 (The Message) 

This means getting out of the 4 walls of the church, and building relationships with your neighbors.  God created the church for mission, not a mission for the Church.

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It’s through these relationships that we learn what God is up to in our community, and how we can join in this creative, inspiring and life-giving work.  This isn’t about doing something FOR someone else, but rather about doing something WITH others.  This is about living out our Baptismal Covenant - to “strive for justice and peace among all people, and respect the dignity of every human being” (Book of Common Prayer,  pp. 304-305).

For some faith communities, this looks like a food shelf, for others, a family movie night.  It starts with becoming rooted in prayer and being present to what is relevant to your community.

Go two by two, like the disciples.  Discern your gifts, build reciprocal relationships, do something, try something, reflect and transform.  

How can you join in?

Visit the Missional Resources page for information on innovative tools such as the Episcopal Asset Map, grant opportunities such as Missional Innovative Partnership grants, and resources such as the Discernment Wheel, which helps you to determine what your personal gifts are, and how you can best utilize those gifts to engage God's mission.