Race, Religion, and Relationships II: Building a Better Future in Northern MN

February 17, 2017 - February 18, 2017 Camp Minne-Wa-Kan, Cass Lake, MN

Featured Speaker, Gordon Straw will invite us to imagine possibilities for ecumenical, cross-cultural ministry in Northern Minnesota. Gordon is the ELCA Program Director for Lay Schools for Ministry, an active member and former Interim Director of the ELCA American Indian and Alaska Native Lutheran Association.

Worship and music provided by Turtle Island Ensemble.

Cost: $15 Commuter; $30 Lodging (bring own towels and linens)

Register at: http://pathwaysbiblecamps.org/race-religion-relationships-gathering-camp-minne-wa-kan/ or call 218-987-2600

As Jesus’ followers, we too are called to cross the barriers of race and religion, together.

This event is supported by the Northeast and Northwest Minnesota Synods of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, and the Episcopal Church in Minnesota, engaging key leaders from our Ojibwe communities of faith. Our time together will follow basic principles of reflection, discussion, and forming a plan of action. Talking Circles will be used to offer all participants an opportunity to critically reflect on Biblical themes and examine how we can learn, live, and grow into a reflection of God’s will for us. Turtle Island Ensemble will lead worship and special music throughout the conference.


Friday evening, 2/17:

4-6 pm Registration

6 pm. Supper

6:45 pm Gathering music with Turtle Island Ensemble (TIE)

7 pm Mark Olson: Race, Religion, and Relationships Update: Where We Have Been. Where Are We Going? Breakdown into small groups to discuss/further brainstorm where we have been & where we are going….

9 pm Closing worship with Turtle Island Ensemble, Rev. Gordon Straw, Homily

Saturday, 2/18:

8-9 am Breakfast

9 am: Morning Prayer with TIE: Disciples Prayer Book/Gospel-Based Discipleship

9:45 am Gordon Straw: Theological Education for Everyone Small group Discussion

Noon: Lunch

1 pm Next Steps: Doctrine of Discovery, Theological Education for Everyone, Concrete steps moving forward as Ecumenical Partners. Small Group discussion/Direction/Resolutions.

Around 3pm: Closing Eucharist with Turtle Island Ensemble