Forums for Racial Reconciliation: The Impact & Damage of Micro-Aggressions

February 24, 2018 Hamline United Methodist Church, St. Paul

Micro-aggressions are those everyday slights, snubs or insults which demean and send denigrating messages targeted at groups that are marginalized in our society. To the groups who experience these subtle 'cuts,' the damage to their self-concept, confidence and sense of belonging over time is akin to 'death by a thousand cuts.' The friction and resentment they cause are barriers to community cohesiveness & understanding.  One of the oldest and long-standing types of micro-aggressions deals with race & ethnicity.

Does this sound familiar? Have you experienced these kinds of micro-aggressions?  Even more, you may be making these kinds of micro-aggressions towards others without even knowing it.  Do you want to learn more about them... including how best to avoid them? Come to this discussion.


Saturday Feb. 24

Hamline United Methodist Church (1514 Englewood Ave, 55104)

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