Getting to Convention

Getting to Convention

Convention will take place at the Duluth Entertainment Convention Center (DECC).  DECC is a fully accessible convention center with comfortable, flexible meeting spaces and a conveniently central location.  

You’ll be looking for the City Side Convention Center.  DECC is a large facility, and we are in City Side.  Please see the maps online or in the ECMN Convention App for more information.

Please plan on entering at entrance B on the first floor, where you'll find registration.  Our meetings will take place on the second floor, which is accessible by escalator and elevator.

Click here for directions to get to DECC.

Click here for more information about parking at DECC.  The DECC parking ramp costs $5 per day.  There are handicap accessible parking spaces on the surface lot (near entrance B of the City Side Convention Center).

How to get to DECC from your hotel in Duluth

  • You have to pay for parking, but it might be the easiest
  • There are shuttles that run from the Holiday Inn. If you’re not staying at the Holiday Inn, but your hotel has a shuttle service, you can schedule it to take you to DECC.
  • There are walkways connecting the Holiday Inn (and some other hotels) to DECC.  Please note: there are doors that have to be opened and don’t have handicap buttons.  Plan on the walk taking you 10-20 minutes.  Attached is a map of the skywalk, with the route highlighted.