Health Benefits

All clergy and lay employees scheduled to work more than 1,000 hours annually are eligible to receive health insurance benefits through the Episcopal Church Medical Trust.  All employees who are scheduled to work more than 1,500 hours annually must be provided health coverage for the employee and his or her immediate family and dependents through the Episcopal Church Medical Trust, unless a qualified waiver has been approved.

All faith communities within ECMN must participate in the Episcopal Church Medical Trust.

For 2017, faith communities can choose from one of four different medical plans to offer coverage to their lay and clergy employees. There are fewer options this year because the Personnel Committee (clergy and lay members who have been elected by council and appointed by the Bishop) has chosen to eliminate plans that have not been used in several years. Additionally, the Episcopal Church Medical Trust has discontinued the CIGNA Open Access Plus plan.

ECMN will continue to offer one additional plan for eligible employees age 65 or older who are also enrolled in Medicare Part A. Those who qualify for this plan fall under the Medicare Secondary Payer/Small Employer Exception (MSP/SEE) Rule. To receive this benefit individuals must be enrolled in Medicare Part A and choose the Anthem PPO MS 80/60 plan. Once enrolled, Medicare will be the primary payer for Part A (hospitalization) services. Once Medicare has paid its share, the claims will be sent to Anthem, who will then pay the claims as it would for any active employee, minus the amounts paid by Medicare and your deductibles and cost shares. All eligible claims for outpatient services will be paid by Anthem.

This year there will be average increases of roughly 5.5 percent in health care premiums almost across the board. In this respect, the Episcopal Church Medical Trust will outperform our Affordable Care Act state exchange, which will see increases exceeding 50 percent in all categories. This relatively small increase is preceded by several without an increase in health care premiums, and a reduction in premiums of about 4 percent across the board in the last year.

Lastly, there has been a title change for one of the health plans.  The High Deductible Health Plan will now be called “Consumer Driven Health Plans” or CDHP for short.

General Information

2018 Medical and Dental Insurance General Information

2017 Benefits Enrollment Form

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Plan Summaries

Please note: plan summaries are for 2016-2017.  There will be no changes in the plan information from previous years.  Each 

Medical Plans

Anthem BCBS CDHP-20/HSA 2016 Summary

Anthem PPO 80/60 2016 Summary

Anthem PPO 90/70 2016 Summary

Employee Assistance Program


Other Plans

Dental Ortho 2016 Summary

EyeMed Vision Care 2016 Summary

Prescription Drug Coverage with Express Scripts