Report on January 2016 Meeting of Elected Bodies

January 12, 2016

The Meeting of Elected Bodies took place Saturday, January 9 at the ECMN Retreat Center located on the campus of Shattuck-St. Mary’s in Faribault.

The morning began with opening prayer, followed by table time in which participants introduced themselves to one another. There was then a brief review of the Living in the Green principles, which were introduced at the October MEB, followed by Gospel Based Discipleship.

After GBD, The Rev. Tom Harries and Paul Anton, of the Episcopal Earthkeepers Circle, spoke about Mission Opportunity 2016: Engaging God’s Mission Through Engaging All God’s Creation. Following that, each Elected Body gave an update to the larger group.

Dan White then spoke about the Episcopal Commons project, a new Missional Innovative Partnership between the Episcopal Church in Minnesota, St. Mark’s Cathedral, and Episcopal Homes of Minnesota. A video detailing the project was shown as well.

Just prior to lunch, Annie Flodin, Missioner for Communications, gave a brief demonstration on ECMN’s new website.

Following lunch, each Elected Body met individually. Below are highlights from what each of them covered.


  • Finance: The Trustees are favorable compared to budget through the end of November. Preliminary December figures indicate that they will finish 2015 slightly under budget.
  • Pooled Investment Fund (PIF): The PIF has endured the turbulent global markets well. Through the end of November, it was 0.7 percent higher than its benchmark. December numbers were not available yet.
  • Episcopal Commons: The Trustees and Standing Committee received an update together from the Chancellor on the progress of negotiations between the three partners (ECMN, St. Mark’s, Episcopal Homes). Separately, the Trustees planned their strategy for how to support the project, as well as the general operation of 1730 Clifton Place, over the next six weeks. 
  • Property: There are currently two properties listed, St. Paul's-on-the-Hill in St. Paul, and St. Luke's in Willmar. Listing agents advise that they don't expect much movement on these properties during the winter months but are optimistic about the spring.


  • A motion was made and duly seconded to approve the minutes from the last Council meeting.
  • A motion was made and duly seconded to keep the nominating process open to allow for more time to communicate a vacancy on the Standing Committee.
  • Bishop Prior gave a high level review of the meetings of the other Elected Bodies, including an overview of the Episcopal Commons project.
  • The Rev. Michael Pipkin asked the Task Force to Review and Revise Policy on Substance Abuse to review the resolution from the 78th National Convention.
  • Andrew Szeliga and Hector Nanka Bruce agreed to serve on the Joint Finance and Audit Committee; The Rev. Paul Rider agreed to serve on the Personnel Committee.
  • 2016 goals were established.
  • Missioner for Finance, Jennifer Gamberg, went over financial results through November 2016 and gave an Audit update.

Standing Committee

  • The Standing Committee shared the status on their tracking goals with the other Elected Bodies.
  • They discussed the postulants for candidacy and additionally conducted a candidacy interview. 
  • They invited in the Chair of the COM and one other representative and shared with them their role in the process of consent and recommendation.  
  • They also discussed a shared and pressing desire to focus and optimize their time in discussion, and identified two solutions for work scaffolding that they will employ going forward. 
  • They met with the Chancellor and Bishop to review status and ask questions about the proposed project at 1730 Clifton Place.

Commission on Ministry

  • The Commission on Ministry reviewed and discussed the status of all people in the Holy Orders process.
  • They heard about the recent Canonical Assessment Retreat, discussing both the merits of this new tool and ways to continue to improve it.
  • They discussed recommendations brought forth from the Standing Committee and COM working group about ways to improve our working relationship and ways to create consistent, informative relationships with all those in Holy Orders process.
  • They reviewed goals and work status.
  • They reviewed and discussed a draft of the Ministry of All the Baptized document, creating ideas for improvement, rollout, and dissemination.

Click here to access multimedia resources from the day on the ECMN website.

The next Meeting of Elected Bodies will take place March 19 at the ECMN Retreat Center in Faribault.