Many Hands Make Light Work

Ascension, Stillwater is "Engaging God's Mission Through Engaging All God's Creation"

February 4, 2016

From The Rev. Anne Scheible:

STILLWATER, Minn. - Ascension, Stillwater has used this philosophy in doing their part to save our planet, Earth. I learned Sally Giese had begun "St. Mary's Mornings,” which is sent out to members of the faith community and includes prayers and reflections on God's creation. We hope these will make members aware of the importance of each of us doing whatever we can as individuals.

The Rev. Brenda Hoffman attended the November workshop at St. Mark's Cathedral and lined up several members of the Episcopal Earthkeepers Circle to speak at Ascension during Lent. You are all encouraged to attend, with hopes that more people will become involved in Mission Opportunity 2016: Engaging God’s Mission Through Engaging All God’s Creation. For more information, contact The Rev. Brenda Hoffman at Ascension, Stillwater at or 651-439-2609.

The members of the Episcopal Earthkeepers Circle are passionate about this mission and are very knowledgeable about the many ways each person and each faith community can do their part. Do take advantage of their help if you need a jumpstart or if you have hit a brick wall in realizing your goals.

Several years ago "OCK" was started. “What does that stand for?” you may ask. ”Our Community Kitchen" provides breakfasts every Tuesday and Thursday. The group that continues this project also began composting and planted an organic vegetable garden. Those veggies help feed the hungry a healthy and safe breakfast.

Rumor has it that the church had an energy audit done and as a result added some insulation. This can neither be confirmed nor denied, but it’s a good idea for every building no matter what.

There is a plan to form an official creation committee over the summer to continue these projects and look at other opportunities.

If you would like to share the steps your faith community has taken and/or steps you plan to take, please let me know at or 952-913-2656. 

We are "Engaging God's Mission Through All God's Creation."

Episcopal Earthkeepers Circle Contacts:

The Rev. Tom Harries

Paul Anton

Rachel Babbitt