Godly Play Core Training: Module II

March 24, 2018 St. Mark's Cathedral, Minneapolis

Module II: Engaging God’s Playful Word: Parables & Honoring the Spirituality of the Child

The Commuter Core model covers the same essential training as Core Training for all Godly Play teachers in the Godly Play room, but takes place during three separate Saturday modules. You will learn the processes and Core stories of Godly Play as well as the theology behind these practices. Modules may be attended in any order, over time and location. Participants may build credit toward Core Training certification, which is awarded after completion of all three modules. This model underscores the action/reflection aspect of Godly Play training by allowing participants new experiences between training dates, which they then bring with them to the next Commuter Core module.

*Register separately for each Saturday. Registration closes the Monday before each module.

Registration:  https://www.trailblz.info/GodlyPlay/EventComplete.aspx?eventid=161

Questions may be directed to The Godly Play Foundation at registration@godlyplayfoundation.org or Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral Godly Play Coordinator at monicak@ourcathedral.org

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