Southwest Minnesota Mission Area Gathering

May 13, 2017 Bishop Whipple Mission, Morton

Mission Areas are made up of the 10-15 faith communities that are closest to you in the state. Mission Area Gatherings (MAG) are for everyone – whether you’re a volunteer, a clergy person, an occasional attendee of a faith community, a vestry member, or anything in between.

These gatherings keep us connected and strengthen our bonds, which helps us support and learn from each other throughout the year.

This event will take place at Bishop Whipple Mission in Morton Minnesota from 10am-4pm.

The Right Rev. Brian N. Prior, Bishop of Minnesota, along with Missioners will join us for the day.  They will participate in the discussions, offer updates about ECMN, and answer questions you may have.



Rev. John Robertson, Vicar at Bishop Whipple Mission, Rev. Canon Robert Two Bulls, Missioner for the Department of Indian Work and Multicultural Ministries, and Rev. Marilyn Leach, Priest at St. James Episcopal Church in Marshall, will be facilitators and discussion leaders as we focus on the 2017 Mission Opportunity: Engaging God’s Mission of Racial Reconciliation.  How do we foster meaningful relationships with our neighbors?



We ask that each faith community come prepared to tell about what’s happening in your community.  You may wish to describe your joys, express your concerns, or ask questions.



Bishop Prior will participate in a service of Holy Eucharist at 3:00 p.m. 

At this time, no faith community has responded to the request to let us know of people who are wanting to be confirmed or received in the Episcopal Church.



Vacancies on the leadership team will occur.  Election will be held for new members to take their positions in the fall after convention.  Team members also serve on the ECMN Council which meets quarterly.  Please consider volunteering or recruit someone from your community.



Lunch will be provided for $10 per person.  Picnic tables will be set up for lunch outside.  If you have vegetarian or vegan requests, please contact Darin Prescott (see below) or Markela Toreen at .




It’s hard to report changes.  The deconsecration service for Holy Trinity Episcopal Church in Luverne will be conducted on Sunday, May 14 at 9 a.m. 

We look forward to attendees coming from every faith community in the Southwest Mission Area.  We have missed you at recent meetings.  Invite a carful of people to come with you!



Please contact members of the leadership team by e-mail or phone. 

Rev. Paul Rider                                                      

Rev. Marilla Whiney                                 507-831-0257

Darin Prescott                                   507-430-0632

Marilyn Rundell                                 507-934-1905