Southwest Mission Area Gathering

May 12, 2018 St. Martin's Episcopal Church, Fairmont

Join others from faith communities in your area to build relationships, dive into this year’s mission opportunity of creating the Beloved Community.

The details for this event are still being finalized.  In the meantime, here is a brief overview:

9:30 am  - Gathering

11:00 am - Confirmation

12:00 pm - Luncheon

12:30 pm - Beloved Community 


Mission Areas are made up of the 10-15 faith communities that are closest to you in the state. Mission Area Gatherings (MAG) are for everyone – whether you’re a volunteer, a clergy person, an occasional attendee of a faith community, a vestry member, or anything in between.

These gatherings keep us connected and strengthen our bonds, which helps us support and learn from each other throughout the year.

Faith Communities in the Southwest Mission Area are:

St. Martin's Fairmont, MN    
Trinity Litchfield, MN   
St. John's Mankato, MN     
St. James Marshall, MN     
Bishop Whipple Mission Morton, MN     
St. Peter's New Ulm, MN     
Holy Communion St. Peter, MN     
Good Shepherd Windom, MN