Missional Innovative Partnership Grants

All across Minnesota, God is inviting us to partner with our neighbors. As we live in this divided and hurting world, God calls us to join in with others who are working to make our communities stronger, healthier, safer, and more just.

Application Process

ALL are invited to apply! 

MIP grants have two due dates throughout a program calendar (December and May).  These dates coincide with the Meeting of Elected Bodies, as the Mission Committee of Council approves the grants.  Grants requests can be made for any dollar amount up to $5,000. 

Grants must have an Episcopal component with a non-Episcopal partnership.  Grants should be as detailed as possible with specific information about the use of the funds, how this is innovative, and why it is important to your community. 

To submit your grant, please email them to the Missioner for Community Engagement at rachel.b@episcopalmn.org, and in the subject line list ‘MIP Grant’ with your Episcopal component name and the date. If you have questions, please call Rachel at 612-870-3321. 


Applications received after the deadline will be reviewed at the following gathering of Council.

Key pieces for a MIP grant:

  1. Episcopal component (Faith community, group, etc…)
  2. Partnership (At least one non-Episcopal faith community partner)
  3. New (Project is filling a gap and/or innovative)

Mission Opportunity connection

Each year ECMN has a Mission Opportunity theme where we invite faith communities to participate on a topic. The Mission Opportunity for the 2017-2018 program year is Engaging God’s Mission of Creating the Beloved Community. More information about the Mission Opportunity can be found at creatingbelovedcommunity.org. 

While MIP grants do not have to include a component of the Mission Opportunity, grants with this inclusion will be prioritized. 

Relationships and good partnerships take nurturing, intention, and time. The MIP Grant process encourages year-round innovation and attention to relationship building with partners. It allows for adapting and responding to the changing needs in your neighborhoods, and for getting advice and assistance as you put together your application.

Awards and Follow-up

If you are awarded a grant there are some evaluation pieces for after your event.  This information will be detailed in the award letter and depends on if your project is one event or an on-going program.

We invite consultation and questions!

Do you have an idea?

Do you have a partner?

Unclear of what to do next?

Need more data and planning for your grant?

Contact Missioner for Community Engagement, Rachel Babbitt, at rachel.b@episcopalmn.org for more information. 

The MIP application is being updated - stay tuned for a new application by April!

Please submit via email to Missioner for Community Engagement, Rachel Babbitt, at rachel.b@episcopalmn.org. 


MIP Grant Review Guidelines

MIP Application Form