Missional Innovative Partnership Grants

Your faith community is invited to apply! 

All across Minnesota, God is inviting us into partnership within our neighborhood contexts. In a world aching for transformation and a new future story, God calls us to join in with others who are working to make our communities stronger, healthier, safer, and more just.

Application Process Open

You are invited to apply! The Mission Committee of ECMN Council will review applications at the quarterly Meetings of Elected Bodies (MEBs). This group is comprised of elected representatives from each of the seven Mission Areas.

Submission Dates for 2017-2018

Round 1: 9/28/2017

Round 2: 12/21/2017

Round 3: 2/15/2018

Round 4: 5/17/2018

Applications received after the deadline will be reviewed at the following gathering of Council.

A Culture of Innovation and Transformation

Relationships and good partnerships take nurturing, intention, and time. The 2016 MIP Grant process encourages year-round innovation and attention to relationship building with your partners. It allows for adapting and responding to the changing needs in your neighborhoods, and for getting advice and assistance as you put together your application.

Here are the ways this process has been adapted for 2016:

  • Simple: This application is intended to be simple. You may complete it electronically or submit a paper application.
  • Coaching: The best innovations and partnerships depend upon research, prayer, relationship building, and seeking advice. We want to help you get coaching from your partners, your Elected Bodies and your team of Missioners.
  • Clear, Transparent Guidelines: The selection criteria is 100 percent transparent. You will know exactly what is being considered during the selection process, so that you can orient your preparation process and application successfully.
  • Rolling Deadlines: Applications will be gathered four times per year and reviewed by elected members of each Mission Area who serve on the Mission Committee of the ECMN Council.

We invite consultation and questions!

Innovation comes from teams experimenting, modifying, and acting together. We want to fund great partnerships, not just great grant applications! We want to connect you with resources to help you write a solid application! Contact Missioner for Community Engagement, Rachel Babbitt, at rachel.b@episcopalmn.org for more information.

Download MIP Application Please submit via email to Missioner for Community Engagement, Rachel Babbitt, at rachel.b@episcopalmn.org

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MIP Grant Review Guidelines