Forums for Racial Reconciliation | Jim Crow: Then and Now

November 4, 2017 Epiphany Episcopal Church, St. Paul

Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, the Twin Cities' only majority African American Episcopalian church, has joined with and led several community partners, including the state-wide Episcopal Church in Minnesota, St. Matthew's Episcopal Church, Hamline University, and members of the Hamline-Midway Neighborhood to create a series of community engagement forums dealing with racial, ethnic, and cultural understanding and reconciliation.
This project stemmed from the realization that communities throughout our country are looking for ways to achieve harmony — to build compassionate and respectful connections among diverse neighbors.

Using excerpts from movies and documentaries to spur dialogue, the series will retrace relevant aspects of our nation's history and look at how they impact our present-day relationships within and between diverse groups of people.

We believe that the ability to dialogue with others in a respectful, compassionate forum is a critical component to achieving such harmony and community cohesiveness. We believe that people need opportunities to tell their personal stories, to freely ask questions of others both like and unlike themselves, and to learn about each others' experiences, in order to achieve the understanding and reconcilitation that so many of us desire.

With these ideas in mind, we are offering a series of four forums throughout the year.

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