Leading the Conversation: Gun Violence Communications Workshop

November 18, 2018 St. Mark's Episcopal Cathedral, Minneapolis

Are you uncomfortable talking about gun violence? We have all watched in AWE as students have stepped up to lead the gun violence prevention movement. These young leaders have overnight become articulate and passionate communicators about gun violence and legislation to prevent it. Wish you could speak as knowledgea-bly as the students? If so, then join us and learn to lead the conversation. 

Learn how to speak with confidence to anyone about gun violence prevention by attending this workshop, led by Protect Minnesota's Executive Director Nancy Nord Bence. In the past two years she has presented this information to 875 people from across Minnesota. At this interactive event you'll: 

  • Learn how to speak about gun violence as a public health issue--in a way that won’t alienate hunters and responsible gun owners. 
  • Learn about legislation that has been PROVEN to decrease gun deaths in other states, and could do the same in Minnesota. 
  • Develop your personal 1-minute message to lead the conversation about the need for these important gun bills. 
  • Learn the difference between dialogue and debate and important dialogue skills. 
  • Learn what messages don't work--and why. 
  • Become informed about opportunities to engage in citizen lobbying at the Capitol. 

Many thanks Saint Mark’s Episcopal Church for hosting this workshop, and their dedicated support of gun violence prevention. This event is appropriate for adults and youth age 12 and older. Attendance is free.  

NOTE: This event is open to all those who sincerely support the mission of Protect Minnesota to prevent gun violence by passing stronger laws regulating firearms in our state and nation. Protect Minnesota reserves the right to refuse admittance to those who do not support our mission or are disruptive. 

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