Nine Faces of God: The Enneagram and You

November 3, 2018 Calvary Episcopal Church, Rochester

The Enneagram conveys knowledge about nine distinct but interrelated personality styles. Each style sees and experiences the world through a different lens and moves through the world with different gifts, challenges, and opportunities for achieving growth and wholeness.

We will journey through each of the nine styles and learn the nine beautiful ways we are created in the image or essence of the divine. Being human means we lose touch with our essential nature. We all yearn to remember who we really are. The Enneagram offers insight about how we can let go of our false self, remember our true essence, and become more present.

All are welcome, whether new to the Enneagram or not.

Debbi Horton's creativity, openness, deep listening and sense of humor infuse her leadership of Enneagram workshops and her Spiritual Direction practice. Debbi is the President of the Minnesota Chapter of the International Enneagram Association ( She is certified to teach the Enneagram through The Narrative Enneagram and Full Circle Enneagram Training. She is an Accredited Enneagram Professional through the International Enneagram Association. She has trained with Russ Hudson, Don Riso, David Daniels and Helen Palmer. She received her Spiritual Direction certificate from Christos Center for Spiritual Formation where she serves as a board member and leads retreats, workshops and groups.

$20 pay onsite (lunch provided)

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