Elected Bodies

There are several committees within the Episcopal Church in Minnesota. The four primary committees (Council, Standing Committee, Trustees, and the Standing Committee) make up the Elected Bodies, which meet four times per year. 

Mission Area Teams (Council) *

Council is a body of elected lay and clergy representatives who oversee the program and budget of the Episcopal Church in Minnesota between meetings of the yearly ECMN Convention.

Standing Committee *

The Standing Committee consists of six clergy and six laypersons, elected for three-year terms by delegates from every faith community in ECMN gathered in Convention.

Trustees *

The Trustees of the Episcopal Church in Minnesota are responsible for the financial assets, including real estate, investments, loan funds, and planned giving, of the Episcopal Church in Minnesota and its faith communities.

Commission on Ministry *

The Commission on Ministry (COM) assists the Bishop and the Standing Committee under the provisions of Title III of the Canons of the General Convention and the Canons of the Episcopal Church in Minnesota

Joint Finance and Audit Committee

The Joint Finance and Audit Committee provides Council with assurance that both the financial policy, financial audit and financial affairs are appropriately developed, implemented and managed and makes specific policy and operational recommendations to Council.

Personnel Committee

The Personnel Committee provides Council with all appropriate personnel policies and guidelines to be implemented for employees of the Episcopal Church in Minnesota

Disciplinary Board

When there is a question about whether a member of the clergy has been involved in misconduct, the Disciplinary Board, as described in Title IV of the Canons of the Episcopal Church, has the responsibility to investigate the matter, consider and decide whether a violation of the Canons has taken place, and discern what must be done to bring healing, reconciliation, and justice for all involved.

Commission for the Diaconate

The Commission for the Diaconate assists Bishop Brian Prior and the Missioners by serving as a resource for deacons, inspiring people who may have a possible call to the diaconate in their discernment and formation, and networking with faith communities.

* These committees make up the Elected Bodies, which meet four times per year.