Racial Reconciliation

Hearing Our Stories, Healing Relationships: Engaging God’s Mission of Racial Reconciliation 

The Mission Opportunity for 2016-2017 focused on racial reconciliation and creating safe space to tell our stories. The issues of race impact our communities and how we interact with each other. The complex issues of race have dominated news headlines and now ECMN is asking that we, as individuals and communities, create opportunities for holy listening, learning, and action around racial reconciliation.

A tool kit, grounded in the Five Marks of Mission, was created that includes resources and activities to use as an individual and community. Download the pdf of the toolkit here.  

Racial Reconciliation and the Five Marks of Mission


The history of race in Minnesota; protesting; Doctrine of Discover; what is Minnesota’s context of race and racial reconciliation? What is our/your story?


What is cultural appropriation? White privilege awareness; How can we talk about race constructively? Doctrine of Discovery; race and schools/economics; changing demographics; what is the context of Jesus’ teaching and racism?


How can we come together and be in relationship despite racism? Serve others and support ways to create reconciliation; volunteer


How can we address the systematic/institutional racism? How can you use your privilege for change? Address disparities in the criminal justice system/education/housing/income, etc…


Addressing issues of environmental racism and poverty, where do we pollute and who is impacted?