Resources for Faith Communities

Supply Clergy

The Supply Clergy list is a list of clergy in the Episcopal Church in Minnesota who are willing to supply on an as-needed basis.

Faith Community Required Insurance Coverage

Canon I.7.1 (h) of the National Canons provides that: “All buildings and their contents shall be kept adequately insured.” View the Faith Community Required Insurance Coverage document.

Property Management

Click here for more details, forms and online tools to support you as you walk through your property acquisition, construction or alienation.

Faith Community Safety Audit

Episcopal faith communities are often one of the hubs in the neighborhood. Bible studies, community outreach, after school programs, AA meetings, dinner programs.  The doors are open, and all are welcome.

However, there is work to be done to ensure the safety of the space that we’re providing to our community. Part of this work involves taking an honest and comprehensive look at the space, and thinking through possible threats inside and around the space.

Threats include things like natural disasters, fires, sexual harassment and misconduct as well as active shooter situations. 

But this Safety Audit is not about living in and acting from a place of fear. Rather, it can be a redemptive practice - identifying and disrupting harmful situations, having a plan that allows for thoughtful responses to negative situations, rather than chaotic reactions.

ECMN has retained The Rev. Tim Kingsley as a Ministry Developer to walk with your faith community to accomplish a Safety Audit, which includes:

  1. An evaluation of the physical structure
  2. Access control and Safe Church compliance
  3. Assessment of environmental issues and impacts
  4. Crime prevention through environmental design
  5. Community awareness
  6. Hazard and emergency management advice

This involves doing a walk-through of the grounds, a meeting with vestry or leadership, and perhaps a focus group. 

What you’ll leave with is a comprehensive understanding of possible safety hazards, and a set of emergency procedures and action plans that outlines how to prepare, how to respond, and how to recover.

If you’re interested in scheduling a Safety Audit, please reach out to Tim Kingsley at or 612-810-3647.

The Resource Center for Churches

The Resource Center for Churches recommends and shares web, video, print, curriculum, and other resources for all areas of church life. All ECMN clergy, staff, and lay leaders are welcome to contact the RCC for free consultation and access to outstanding ministry resources. See their FAQ.

Armed Forces Prayer Book and Episcopal Service Medals

The Armed Forces Prayer Book and Episcopal Service Medals are available as a gift from Bishop Prior to all members of the Armed Forces serving on active duty from the Episcopal Church in Minnesota. The prayer book has been published by the Office of the Bishop for the Armed Forces. The book contains both English and Spanish sections. The Episcopal medal is authorized to be worn with the service member’s id tags. Often, the book is blessed and presented to a service member during a church service. However, this is not required. Contact Chaplain LTC (retired) Stephen Schaitberger or 800-596-3839, ext. 325 for more information.

Guide to Finding Episcopalians in Minnesota for Genealogists and Historians

This Guide is a listing of all known closed Episcopal churches in Minnesota and the location of their extant parish records. Also included is a reference to a number of known Episcopal Church cemeteries and known transcript of the tombstones. This is a valuable resource for anyone who needs to search parish records for genealogical or historical information. The Guide was compiled by Arthur Louis Finnell, Historiographer/Archivist for the Episcopal Church in Minnesota. Download the report

Prayer Resources

Intercessory Calendar (Season of Pentecost, June 9 - November 24, 2019)

Episcopal Prayers website

Daily office online

Oracion Matutina Diaria y Oracion Vespertina Diaria

Daily prayer online (Church of England)