The Trustees of the Episcopal Church in Minnesota are responsible for the financial assets, including real estate, investments, loan funds, and planned giving, of the Episcopal Church in Minnesota and its faith communities. The Trustees also hold title to all real and personal property for mission faith communities in the Episcopal Church in Minnesota. Incorporated in 1885, the Trustees ensure that all property and assets of the church are used and remain available for the use of all Episcopalians engaged in God’s mission. The nine members of the Trustees are men and women from ECMN faith communities, elected by delegates from our faith communities at our ECMN Convention. The Bishop serves as the Chair of the Trustees, along with a Vice-Chair who is elected by the members of the Trustees to lead.

The Trustees meet quarterly at the Meetings of the Elected Bodies, but two sub-committees, the Real Estate Committee and the Investment Committee, meet regularly to facilitate work in the interim.

The Rt. Rev. Brian N. Prior,

Vice Chair

Morris Goodwin, 

Terms expire in 2017

Bill MacNally,
Michael J. Reymann,
Mary Neal,

Terms expire in 2018
John Bahnemann,
The Rev. Morris Goodwin,
David Holmberg,

Terms expire in 2019
Tom Schaefer,
Barbara Swan, 
The Rev. Bill Van Oss,

The Rev. Michael Pipkin

Investment Advisor
John Tillotson, Morgan Stanley

Trustees Committees

Real Estate Committee

Newell Searle
David Olson
John Bahnemann
Michael Reymann

Investment Committee
Morris Goodwin, Chair
Tom Schaefer
The Rev. Bill Van Oss
David Neal (Non-Trustee member)
Tom Lockhart (Non-Trustee member)

Joint Finance and Audit Committee
The Rt. Rev. Brian N. Prior - President
The Rev. John Dwyer - Treasurer
Tom Schaefer
Bill MacNally
Kevin Egan
Mary Neal
Dave Holmberg
Bruce Hansen
Becky Garthofner
Hector Nanka Bruce
Andrew Szleiga

Trustees Resources

Trustees Bylaws
Trustees Articles
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