Youth Commission Reflection on Convention 2018

By Ryan Berlin

St. John’s Episcopal Church, Mankato, MN


I am here today to tell you about the ECMN Youth Commission and what we do.

To start there are 30 people on the Youth Commission and 22 of us were at convention.

While at convention we did the morning prayers, told people about why we joined, and made a giant chain with all the names of people who went to an event this year. There were 307 kids on that chain, and some did more than one event each, totaling 436 camp and retreat participants. We were all up late to make this 79.5 foot chain so it could be ready in time for convention because it was important to be able to show how many people went to an event this year.

Now getting back on track, this is not all we do, we are here to be the voice of the kids and bring up subjects to the Episcopal Church in Minnesota on what we should do. I am even a part of a sub committee on the ECMN Youth Commission. Now what this sub committee does is comes up with completely new ideas that the church has not thought of yet. We then make plans and figure out how we will make these new ideas work, and try to get them up and running, one idea is to make a get together like TEC but invite all religions and ultimately be able to learn more about each religion.

We also all got a peace maker coin and what we’re supposed to do with our coin is to give to someone we see making peace and to tell them I saw you do this and that’s why I’m giving this to you, and you can give it to someone you see making peace, you’ll know when the time is right just like I did.

But in the end the main reason we are here is to spread the beloved community and unconditional agape love so other people can feel as good as we do after one of these events. Thank you.

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