ACT Prep Courses

What if preparing for the ACT were a spiritual practice that emphasized community over individualism, collaboration over competition, grace over pressure & vocation over alienation? 

In 2020, through ECMN, high schoolers will learn how to tackle each of the sections of the ACT. We will focus on content (what’s on the test?); strategy (how should I pick my answers?) & mindset (how should I respond if I feel anxious during the test?). Upon completing this class, students will be 100% ready to do their best on the ACT.

This class will also highlight vocation. In a world that tells our youth what they can’t do based on their grades, scores, etc., vocation is a way to focus on the gifts that we have been given by God and are called to use in the world. We will do this in a way that empowers youth to navigate this together as a small group instead of feeling like they need to figure it out alone. 

How can you get involved?

1. Let us know if your youth is interested! Once we have at least 4 youth interested we will build a small group and schedule out courses.

2. Bring this course to your faith community! Are you looking for a way to engage high schoolers and their families? This could be a good way to build connections in your neighborhood and give area youth the gift of disc

Email to get started.