Annual Meeting Resources 

To help faith communities plan their 2021 Annual Meetings, ECMN has curated a list of resources, and will provide spaces to allow faith communities to share wisdom and ideas.

Resources in Google Drive

The resources linked below can all be found in a Google Drive folder here. More will likely be added in the coming weeks and months, so we recommend bookmarking this page for future use.

From the Parliamentarian 

ECMN Parliamentarian Mark Kelm shares what is legally required of faith communities and what options are available when planning their Annual Meeting. That information can also be found in this document

Leading Beyond the Blizzard

On November 17th, the Leading Beyond the Blizzard gathering focused on annual meetings. Click here to tune into the presentation from that gathering.

Hosting an Annual Meeting Online Using Zoom

Below, please find a document in which ECMN Missioners have compiled lessons learned from hosting ECMN's Convention online in September. This document outlines the functions available in Zoom, how to adapt those functions to an online governance meeting, and some things to be mindful of as you plan.

Click here to find the planning document.

Additionally, for those looking to host their annual meeting online, ECMN has developed a form letter that can be used to gain the proper consents to do so. Find this letter here.

Gathering for Idea-Sharing and Planning

ECMN will be convening groups of faith communities based on congregation size in order to share ideas and experiences, and to offer a space for mutual support. Please register for the gathering that corresponds with the number of attendees you anticipate having at your Annual Meeting. 

Friday, December 11th - 3pm-4:30pm - 100 or more
Friday, December 11th - 6:30-8pm - Between 50-100
Saturday, December 12th - 10am-11:30am - 50 or less

Click here to register for one of these gatherings.