Northeast Mission Area Gathering

April 13, 2019 Trinity Episcopal Church, Hermantown

Mission Areas are made up of the 10-15 faith communities that are closest to you in the state. Mission Area Gatherings (MAG) are for everyone – whether you’re a volunteer, a clergy person, an occasional attendee of a faith community, a vestry member, or anything in between.

Faith communities in the state are connected to one another via Mission Areas. Mission Areas are a grouping of 10-15 faith communities that share geographic proximity.

Why are Mission Areas important? Because we don’t do this work of ministry and mission in isolation. By connecting with those around us, we can learn from each other, share resources, and problem-solve together. We can build relationships and have conversations about what ministry looks like in our neck of the woods.

Curious about what Mission Area you’re in? Check out the list below.

If you’d like to get connected with folks in your Mission Area, a good first step is to email your Mission Area Team. This is a group of folks who help plan gatherings for each Mission Area, and who also serve on ECMN’s Council and provide statewide leadership. Each Mission Area has at least one in-person gathering each year to build relationships, and your Mission Area Team can help update you on the latest details about those gatherings!

These gatherings keep us connected and strengthen our bonds, which helps us support and learn from each other throughout the year.

The following are the faith communities that make up the Northeast Minnesota Mission Area:


St. John’s Aitkin, MN
St. Andrew's by the Lake Duluth, MN 
St. Paul's Duluth, MN 
St. Mary's Ely, MN 
St. John's Eveleth, MN 
Spirit of the Wilderness Grand Marais, MN 
Christ Church Grand Rapids, MN 
Trinity Hermantown, MN 
St. James Hibbing, MN 
Holy Trinity International Falls, MN 
St. Andrew's Moose Lake, MN 
St. Paul's Virginia, MN