Leading Beyond the Blizzard

August 4, 2020 Online

These gatherings, hosted by Bishop Loya, are held weekly on Tuesdays at 2pm gathering for clergy and lay faith community leaders. This is our time to stay in relationship with one another, and learn and grow together.

During these gatherings, there will be time at the beginning to hear about updates and recommendations based on our current situation, but after that, we’ll spend time engaged in formation on a specific topic, and then break off into small groups for discussion, sharing, unpacking, idea-generating, and connecting with others across the state who are learning to lead through the long winter.

We'll be joined once again by Tom Allen and Cindy Halvorson of LeaderWise, and we'll be focusing on the topic of resilience.

Here's what they shared about what they'll be covering at this gathering:

Sometimes facing adversity or depletion can feel like a repetitive slight bobbing from a buoyant red and white fishing bobber on a crystal clear lake, and other times it may feel like our bobbers are being tugged right down to the bottom of the lake. Both scenarios capture aspects of feeling depleted, burnt-out, warn down. What is of interest for our upcoming conversation is the question - how do we keep our bobbers on top of the water? Or rather, how do we face adversity, repetitive depletion, feelings of being worn-out and positively adapt? Namely, how do we cultivate resilience? 

Join Tuesday August 4th as we explore resilience together. In preparing for our conversation, please take 15-20 minutes to complete one of the attached reflective inventories. If you identify as clergy, please select the Skovholt Resilience Inventory Clergy, if you identify as a lay person, please select the Non-Clergy Skovholt Practitioner-Professional-Resilience Inventory. Next Tuesday we will dig into the concept of resilience and cultivate a conversation focused positive adaptation. 


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