The Big Lenten Prayer Tent 2021 

For the season of Lent (February 17th - April 3rd), Bishop Loya is inviting each of us in ECMN to practice discipleship through daily prayer: five minutes every day, inviting the Holy Spirit's guidance. Watch Bishop Loya's invitation here

Each day, you can pray whatever comes to your heart, or you can use the following collect to pray and offer intercessions.

God, we know that your Spirit is moving in the changing winds around us. As we seek to follow the way of Jesus, stir up your power in the Episcopal Church in Minnesota, guide us in all things with your Holy Spirit, give us bold and open hearts, that we might be wholly committed to showing forth your love, your justice, and your healing power in the world.

Each week, on social media and in the weekly news, one of our members will offer a prayer practice for you to try. 

Week 1: 

The Rev. Blair Pogue shares with us The Be Still Prayer in this video, or read the instructions here

As we gather in our communal spaces (Leading Beyond the Blizzard and Collar to Collar), we'll share what we're seeing, hearing, and experiencing through this practice.

On April 6th at 2pm, during our Leading Beyond the Blizzard gathering, we’ll reflect on this period of collective prayer.

We also invite you to enter into this practice as a faith community, building a foundation of discipleship for your common life together and with ECMN. Please share this invitation, and the weekly prayer practices, in your faith community's communications. Consider reflecting on this experience at coffee hour or in online education forums. Perhaps you dedicate time at the beginning of parish meetings to pray the collect and for the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Feel free to adapt this text to include in bulletins, newsletters, and on social media.

For the season of Lent (February 17th - April 3rd), Bishop Loya is inviting all of us in ECMN to practice discipleship. You are encouraged to spend five minutes or more in prayer each day, seeking the Holy Spirit’s guidance. Join us!

The goal of the Big Lenten Prayer Tent is to center God's voice, direction, and movement in our individual and collectives lives as we navigate who we are becoming in the world, offering ourselves, through life-giving daily practices, as living sacrifices for God's kingdom, on earth as it is in heaven.