How have you walked with Jesus today?

The Rt. Rev. Craig Loya

How have you walked with Jesus today?

Beloved in Christ,

I spent a lot of time last week meeting with individuals who are in discernment for ordination as priests or deacons. They are all extraordinarily gifted, and I continue to be filled with hope about how the Holy Spirit Is at work among us. 

One of the things I made a point to ask each person about was their daily prayer practices. At some point several years ago, it occurred to me that in all my years of ministry, it was rare for a colleague or someone who had any oversight of my ministry to ask me about my own prayer life. I resolved to always ask that of close colleagues and anyone who was entrusted to my spiritual care. 

I am convinced that there is nothing more important in our lives as Christians than finding ways to root ourselves daily in the person of Jesus, the true vine from whom alone our life and growth can come. In my experience, the common denominator across the most vibrant faith communities is the extent to which they are focused on finding ways to help people practice the Way of Jesus in concrete ways every day. 

In the months and years to come, we will face many challenges as a diocesan family. Ultimately, meeting those challenges will be the work of the Holy Spirit. Our job begins with giving ourselves over to the Spirit’s power day by day and moment by moment. Forming one another as disciples, students, who are learning how to practice the Jesus way will, without question, be one of the main areas we will do well to focus our attention, energy, and resources. 

So I will keep asking you to share the ways you are walking with Jesus each day, the ways you are living in the Spirit’s power, and the ways you are soaking in the Creator’s love. I hope you will hold me accountable as well. As a bishop, I have promised to do this with you and for you. As baptized disciples, we have promised to do this with and for one another. All our other good and worthy efforts will be for nothing if we are not first offering them up to God, through the mediation of God’s son, and in the power of God’s Holy Spirit. ‌

The Right Reverend Craig Loya
X Bishop
Episcopal Church in Minnesota