Reflecting Light into the Darkness

The Rt. Rev. Craig Loya

Reflecting Light into the Darkness

Beloved in Christ,

This morning, Melissa’s uncle, who is a nurse In Lincoln, Nebraska, posted a picture of himself receiving a COVID-19 vaccine. It caught me up short with joy and gratitude. The vaccine was developed with historic speed, and well ahead of many predicted timelines. Pictures like the one of Melissa’s uncle are icons of just what is possible when human beings come together.

The pandemic is, of course, far from over. Things are as bad now in Minnesota and the rest of the nation as they have ever been. It is critical to continue wearing our masks, practicing physical distancing, and avoiding gathering with others indoors whenever possible. At the same time, these photos are a sure and certain sign that this will end: little lights shining in this period of deepest darkness. 

It’s a great way of understanding our role as an Advent people in the world. Our life together is meant to reflect the light of what is possible into a dark world. We are invited to cling to the promise outlined in the prologue to John’s gospel: “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not overcome it” (John 1:5). The purpose of our lives is to so join ourselves to that light through prayer, scripture study, common worship, and sharing our joys and sorrows that we all become little lights, pointing the the unfailing promise of God’s one light and one love. 

As a diocesan household, we are brighter because we are together. Just as the COVID vaccine reminds us what is possible when human beings join together, so each of you, every day, remind me of just how brightly the light of Christ can shine in the world when we come together, and together, give ourselves over to the power of God’s Spirit. 

Keep shining God's light, dear ones, even and especially in the present darkness. 

Grace and Peace,

The Right Reverend Craig Loya
X Bishop
Episcopal Church in Minnesota