Lenten Reflection 1: Heidi Kim

Heidi Kim

Lenten Reflection 1: Heidi Kim

Dr. Catherine Meeks has been my colleague, friend, and sister in the struggle for racial healing and justice for many years. While she is a critically acclaimed author and incisive intellectual, she is also a deeply faithful and spiritually grounded Episcopalian who understands the importance of spiritual (trans)formation in the work of justice-making. The first two parts of her book, “An Invitation to a New Way to See” and “Now That I See,” invite us into a new way of thinking about racial healing.

It can be easy to read books on racial justice and simply “cherry-pick” the parts that we either resonate with or strongly disagree with. This type of externalization, or making the issue about something or someone else, is exactly what Dr. Meeks is inviting us to reject. Instead, how can we deeply engage with our inner shadow side in the interest of being more present with what the Holy Spirit is demanding of us in this moment? How can we embody the promise “I will with God’s help” in our daily lives?

As you engage with her meditations for racial healing, I would invite you spend some time this week reflecting and praying on the following questions:

Day 1: What is the sincere and intentional inner work that I am called to do?
Day 2: How is my shadow side influencing how I engage the Body of Christ?
Day 3: What fears do I need to name so that I can move forward with love?
Day 4: Who are the witnesses accompanying me and bringing me courage and joy?
Day 5: What has to die so that I can hear where God is calling me?
Day 6: How is my faith calling me into courage?
Day 7: Can I walk this path?