Morning Prayer Services at River Grand Assisted Living Facility

The Rev. Jill Schubert

Morning Prayer Services at River Grand Assisted Living Facility

More than a decade ago, a patriarch from Christ Church who was living at River Grand asked if we could provide a service there. That service was started by Rev. Paula Gillman who has since passed and the service has been continued these many years by Jill, Colleen, and in the past six years by Mona Bittenbender, an exceptional pianist.

The attendance of this service has been consistent; currently having 7-10 participants weekly. The administration also asked our team to provide an Easter service which we did in 2021 and which was a “full house.”

The participants have expressed how they look forward to the service each week. For us it is amazing and joyful how the loudest prayer we hear (even from those who are in memory care) is the Lord’s Prayer and their participation of joining in the 2 hymns we sing each week. It is as though it is so set in their minds and such a reminder of their past lives and their love of God.

While five of the participants are Episcopalians and/or from Christ Church, others have joined the group and often say “it doesn’t matter, we all worship the same God.” The group enjoys the socialization, welcoming new members, and forming bonds with others in their living facility. We who conduct the service enjoy their companionship as well and feel blessed that we can contribute to something that is so important in their lives.