Praying for the Sick

Drew E. Meyer

Praying for the Sick

Each of my parents took two rides in a hospital helicopter before they died.  I watch them load my dad once, but I was not there for the two times mom took the trip.

I cannot describe the feeling as you watch that helicopter take off and then you run for your vehicle.  One of the times that mom took that ride; she was taken from Albert Lea to Rochester.  I lived in Sioux Falls, SD at the time.  It was a cold January night and I got the call at 10:30 on a Sunday night.  I drove by myself all the way across southern Minnesota on I -90 pushing my old Volvo wagon to 80MPH.  It was shaking so hard I thought it might fall apart underneath me.  I was also driving without heat to stay awake.  Every 10-20 miles I flipped back and forth: she’s alive . . . no, she’s dead . . . alive . . . dead . . .

Now I work in a building next to the freeway and I live under the flight path for the medical helicopters. Every time I hear the siren or the “whosh-whosh” of the helicopter above; I stop and offer a prayer similar to this:

Jehovah-Raphe, the LORD who heals, be with the person in that vehicle.  Take your place as the Great Physician and be with those who will minister the healing arts.  Grant them wisdom and a clear mind as they choose the best course of action; but, above all, give them a compassionate heart.  Be with the family, LORD, as they travel.  Grant them traveling mercies and a sense of peace. Provide their financial needs, O Lord, and work out all of the many little details of this situation.  Finally, Lord, if it would be Your will, grant a positive outcome.  Restore them to health . . . ”so that they may lead the rest of their life in Thy faith and fear.”  All this we ask in the Name of Christ, our Lord. Amen.

It’s not much, but it is the least I can do.

Drew E. Meyer is the junior warden at St. Paul's, Owatonna.