Meet the Deputation: Minnie Steele

Meet the Deputation: Minnie Steele

Name: Minnie Steele

Faith Community: St. Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral

Number of General Conventions attended: 1 as a deputy (GC79), 1 as a volunteer (House of Bishops in Minneapolis)

Official role(s) at General Convention: Lay Deputy, Co-Chair Indigenous Caucus/People of Color

1) Why did you choose to serve as a deputy to General Convention and what do you hope to accomplish or experience there?

Plan to focus on justice issues:  murders of innocents, protest gun violence, racism, violence against women, denigration of democracy, treaty rights, assault on the planet.  Work toward ‘the Beloved Community.'

2) What gifts and passions do you bring to this ministry? How has serving in this way transformed you?

I have learned from my first experience as a deputy to become laser-focused; you must pace yourself or you will be of no use to anyone; prepare, read all pertinent materials prior to arrival. Communicate clearly, testify when necessary, and stand your ground.

3) How do you see the work of the General Convention connecting to the ministry of ECMN?

I believe in the Baptismal Covenant. All of us are beloved children of God, no matter our skin color, ethnicity or where on the planet we call home. There is no group that is superior over another; we are in great peril as a country, people, world if we don’t take action now to become the Beloved Community.