Meet the Deputation: The Rev. Margaret Thor

Meet the Deputation: The Rev. Margaret Thor

Name: Margaret Thor
Faith Community: St. John in the Wilderness, White Bear Lake
Where/how you serve: Deacon
Number of General Conventions attended: This is my first as a deputy. I have attended 3 as a visitor, 1 as a volunteer
Official role(s) at General Convention: Deputy, member of Rules of Order Committee

1) Why did you choose to serve as a deputy to General Convention and what do you hope to accomplish or experience there?

My mother, a deacon in Northern California, said she would run in her diocese if I would run for deputy in ECMN and we were both elected!  I have always enjoyed the polity of the Episcopal Church and want to be more involved in the decision-making processes.  I am already learning so much about the Episcopal Church just by attending the Rules of Orders meetings. 

2) What gifts and passions do you bring to this ministry? How has serving in this way transformed you?

I like to read the canons and now the Rules of Orders which is really kind of geeky but appeals to my sense of order. Consequently, I want to learn more about them and how they are written and voted on.  

3) How do you see the work of General Convention connecting to the ministry of ECMN?

We are all part of the Episcopal Church so we are all connected. I hope to help the people of ECMN to see that we are more than our faith community, we are a loving, giving, hopeful and large community serving God not only in Minnesota but in the world.