Meet the Deputation: The Rev. Rena Turnham

Meet the Deputation: The Rev. Rena Turnham

Name:  Rena Turnham
Faith Community: Saint Mark’s Cathedral, Minneapolis
Where/how you serve: ECMN Archdeacon, Deacon at Saint Mark’s
Number of General Conventions attended: This will be my second. Lots to learn still! More fun yet to be had!
Official role(s) at General Convention: ECMN Deputy and Dispatch Committee Member for GC

1) Why did you choose to serve as a deputy to General Convention and what do you hope to accomplish or experience there?

I enjoyed my time as deputy at the 79th General Convention in Austin TX. I hope to reconnect with people across the Episcopal Church, and of course be an active part of charting the course for the ministry priorities we are collectively called to. I hope to reconnect to our shared vocation and return to Minnesota reenergized for ministry. Love people, love the church, love our ministry in the world!

2) What gifts and passions do you bring to this ministry? How has serving in this way transformed you?

As a deacon, I have my heart inclined to the people and the places Jesus himself served and where and with whom he calls us to do the same in our own lives and in our communities. Related to this, I bring the gift of prophetic voice and witness to the church. In particular, part of my call and what I bring as gifts relate to inviting and equipping the church to reengage its mission with faithfulness, lavish generosity, and urgency. I am always asking questions: “Does how we live together and in the community reflect God’s call to us, in thought, word, and deed? What is the tangible evidence of this?" What has been transformative for me is being swept up into the larger movement of the Episcopal Church through General Convention and bringing this authority back to the congregation I serve, as well as across ECMN, to gird how we work together toward systemic change in our communities. 

3) How do you see the work of General Convention connecting to the ministry of ECMN?

At General Convention, we come together to prioritize the work and ministry of the church and to support it financially and canonically, while we worship, pray, collaborate, and debate together. As part of the deputation, I will bring back the priorities of GC80 (Acts of Convention) and share them across ECMN to enkindle and equip our members to engage in supporting these Acts of Convention.