Meet the Deputation: Sue Grove

Meet the Deputation: Sue Grove

Name: Sue Grove

Faith Community: Christ Church, Austin

Number of General Conventions attended: 1

Official role(s) at General Convention: Lay delegate

1) Why did you choose to serve as a deputy to General Convention and what do you hope to accomplish or experience there? 
I found the first General Convention I attended to be fascinating and I learned
so much about the Episcopal Church that I wanted to go again to continue
learning. The networking was valuable as well as the processes.

2) What gifts and passions do you bring to this ministry? How has serving in this
way transformed you?

I am passionate about the Episcopal Church and am willing to serve in a
variety of ways. I came away from the last convention energized to go out
into the community and spread the good news of the gospel. 
3) How do you see the work of General Convention connecting to the ministry
of ECMN?

I have found my experience attending General Convention helpful in my
role as a member of the ECMN Standing Committee as well as in my role
as Senior Warden. I think it is important to understand the church at all