Welcome Bishop Loya!

Welcome Bishop Loya!

Dear Friends in Christ,

As you know, on Saturday we consecrated and ordained Craig Loya, Xth Bishop of Minnesota! We are grateful to all who participated via livestream, or with offerings of music, peace, donations, or notes for Bishop Loya.

If you missed the service, watch the livestream here.

Many requested video and transcript of the powerful sermon delivered by the Rt. Rev. J. Scott Barker, Bishop of the Diocese of Nebraska. You can find the video here and the transcript here.

On Sunday, Bishop Loya led his first service as Bishop, presiding at the Trinity Sunday service at St. Mark's Cathedral. Watch the livestream here. (If you'd like to hear Bishop Loya's sermon, it can be found at 25:58).

Find more resources here.

Thanks be to God for all who participated in this process: the Search, Transition, and Standing Committees, all who attended listening sessions, filled out the survey, or attended road trip sessions. Thanks be to God for the faithful work of Bishop Prior and for the work yet to come in this next season, led by Bishop Loya. We look with hope and anticipation to the new world we are called to build, in humble and faithful partnership with the Holy Spirit.