Business Meeting

Convention Business Meeting

The ECMN Convention Business Meeting will take place on Friday, September 25th, from 5-7pm. Only Clergy and Lay Delegates should register for convention. Registrants will receive a link to join the business meeting the week of convention.

We will be using an adapted version of the Zoom Webinar platform. Please see the system requirements here. Each voting delegate will need to access the meeting using a smartphone, tablet or computer, and will need a dedicated email for certification purposes. If this poses a barrier, please see the technical supports available below.

Business Booklet

The ECMN Convention Booklet is now available. The booklet is a guide for Friday's online business meeting, and includes important guidance for how to access the meeting, engage in discussion and vote. It also includes information about the agenda and items to be discussed and voted on during convention. 

It's important to thoroughly review these guidelines before convention. 

Download the Convention Booklet

About the Technology

We will use an adapted version of the Zoom Webinar platform for the business meeting, so some features will feel familiar to those who have used Zoom in the past. We have contracted with an organization out of California that is providing back-end support to several Episcopal Diocesan Conventions this fall. This company understands Episcopal polity and will help us manage delegate certification, voting, and debate via the Zoom webinar platform. 

There were 2 practice sessions held last week. If you missed them and want a review of the content, you can find a recording of one of these sessions here.

Delegates will need to use a desktop computer, laptop computer, tablet, or smartphone with a stable internet connection in order to participate and vote during convention. Each voting delegate will need their own device and email address. 

For technology instructions about how to engage in the meeting, click here.

Problem-Solving Technology Issues

We know that there will be issues and barriers to people registering and participating online. We ask that faith communities act as a first line of support for clergy and lay delegates who need assistance, whether that be setting up an email address or determining how to get a delegate connected to a laptop or a reliable internet connection. 

If you and your faith community need further support, your Missioner for the Bishop, Jessica Ricardo, is here to help! She's ready to work with any clergy or lay delegates who need problem solving or resource support ahead of the business meeting. You can reach her at or 612-870-3301 (she'll receive your voicemails even if she's not in the office).

Convention Dress Rehearsal

It is recommended that ALL delegates attend this gathering. It will be run by the outside company that will be providing support for the business meeting of convention, and will therefore very closely mirror the experience of the business meeting. We will practice credentialing all delegates, launch practice polls and participate in discussion. 

Dress Rehearsal: Friday, September 18th, 5pm.

By registering for convention, you will automatically receive a link to the dress rehearsal. This link will NOT be the same link for the actual business meeting on the 25th.


Only certified lay delegates and canonically resident clergy should register for convention.  Similar to the electing convention in January, we’re asking that each individual register themselves for the business meeting. For certification and voting purposes, we need to be sure that each registration goes to a distinct email address.

There is no cost for any portion of convention.

Click here to register.

Please note: convention will be both live-streamed and recorded for those interested. 

If you have questions or issues with registration, please contact the Secretary of convention Karen Olson at, (612-423-3902)

Certified Lay Delegates

Before registering, please ensure that the proper form has been submitted to certify you as a lay delegate. You can check to see if this has already been done by clicking here.

Certified Lay Delegates are listed by Mission Area. If there has been an update since the 2019 certification, a new form should be filled out and returned to the Secretary of Convention, Karen Olson. 

Alternate Delegates

Alternate delegates should not register for convention unless they are taking the place of a certified lay delegate. If that is the case, please first start by notifying the Secretary of Convention, Karen Olson, about the change. Once the proper documentation has been submitted, we will ensure that the registration reflects the official change in delegate.

The deadline for certifying alternates for convention is Wednesday, September 23rd, to ensure that there is enough time to properly manage the records and certification process. If there is an emergency that happens after that date, please call or email Karen Olson, (612-423-3902).

Alternates can participate in the practice sessions and should prepare themselves for convention by reviewing the technology requirements in the business booklet.