Process: Elected at Mission Area Gatherings to represent a mission area on Council
Members: 28 (2 lay, 2 clergy from each of the 7 mission areas) 
Term: 3 years

Duties: Council is a body of lay and clergy representatives who oversee, develop, and implement the policies, programs, and budgets of ECMN between meetings of the yearly ECMN Convention. Members are elected to represent one of the seven mission areas of the Episcopal Church in Minnesota, and are responsible for providing leadership in their mission area and planning yearly gatherings.

Council meets four times per year along with the other Elected Bodies. The work of Council is broken into two sets of committee work. Each member of Council is a member of a Mission Area Team that is responsible for planning at least one gathering of faith communities in the mission area they represent each year. 

In addition to this, Council members serve on one of three sub-committees working on goals around Mission, Ministry, and Management.  One example of work done in these sub-committees is Missional Innovative Partnership Grants, which are overseen and administered by the Mission sub-committee.

While there are only four planned meetings per year, there may be additional meetings for committees of Council, depending upon who is elected from within to serve on those committees.

Contact Council at:

Council Officers

The Rt. Rev. Brian N. Prior, Bishop of Minnesota,
Canon Karen Olson, Secretary of Convention and Council,
Brian Ostenso, Vice President,

Email all Council members (

Mission Area Teams

Northwest (
Th Rev. Loxley Koshnick, St. Luke's, Detroit Lakes
The Rev. Jackie Bernacchi, White Earth
Donna Dakota, St. Columba, White Earth
Jean Dakota, St. Columba, White Earth
The Rev. Joyce Rush, St. Paul's, Brainerd

Faith communities represented in the Northwest Minnesota Mission Area.

Northeast (
Natalie Constance, St. Paul's, Duluth
Dara Siegel Bonham, Christ Church, Grand Rapids
The Re. Rhonda Ruder, Christ Church, Grand Rapids
The Rev. Rick Swenson, Sts. John and Paul, Virginia and Evelyth
The Rev. Marta Maddy, St. Andrew's by the Lake, Duluth

Faith communities represented in the Northeast Minnesota Mission Area.

West Metro (
Gwen Griswold, St. Stephen's, Edina
The Rev. Rob Cavana, Holy Trinity, Elk River 
Thomas Boe, St. George's, St. Louis Park

Faith communities represented in the West Metro Mission Area.

Central Metro, (
Edwin Swaray, St. Andrew's, Minneapolis
The Rev. william Heisley, St. James on the Parkway, Minneapolis
The Rev. Tim Kingsley, St. John's, Minneapolis
Faith communities represented in the Central Metro Mission Area.

East Metro (
Bai Xiong, Holy Apostles, St. Paul
Shannon Geno, St. Clement's, St. Paul
The Rev. Margaret Thor, St. John the Evangelist, St. Paul
The Rev. Rex McKee, St. Mary's, St. Paul

Faith communities represented in the East Metro Mission Area.

Southwest (
The Rev. Tom Harries, Holy Communion, St. Peter
The Rev. Coleen Tully, St. James, Marshall
The Rev. Chris Beebe, St. John's, Mankato

Faith communities represented in the Southwest Minnesota Mission Area.

Southeast (
Savile Lord, Christ Church, Albert Lea
The Rev. Lynne Sprick, St. Mark's, Lake City 
The Rev. Jim Zotalis, St. Peter's, Kasson
Chris Sikkema, Calvery, Rochester

Faith communities represented in the Southeast Minnesota Mission Area.