ECMN Lessons and Carols

December 24, 2020 Online

Streams Live - Christmas Eve - 7pm

Re-Streams - Christmas Day - 10am

This Christmas, ECMN will be putting together a Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols service that will be live streamed on Facebook and Vimeo both on Christmas Eve at 7pm, and then again on Christmas Day at 10am.

This vibrant, festive service will bring us closer as an ECMN family, and feature faces and voices from across the state.

We Need Pictures Videos from You and Your Parishioners!

One of the best and most beautiful parts of ECMN Convention Online Worship was the ability to see faces and hear voices of folks from across the state.

This service aims to meet the same goal, and we need your help. Please submit any/all of the following!

  1. We need pictures of you or the kids in your life dressed up as folks in the lessons (Soldiers, Angels, Sheep, Shepherds, the Holy Family, a full manger scene, Innkeepers, Shepherds with an Angel). Get crazy, get creative - you could paint a picture, model something in clay, build something out of legos if dressing up isn't your thing.

  2. We also want pictures or short videos of your advent wreath fully lit. If you can, take a short video of you or lighting the Christ candle on your advent wreath.

  3. We'd love photos of your corner of Minnesota - perhaps a wintery landscape, or the outside of your faith community.

  4. Lastly, PEACE VIDEOS!Have fun with these and don't be afraid to get creative. We’re trying to bring joy and happiness - joy to those making the videos and joy to those receiving them!

Deadline for submitting is December 13th.

All videos and photos can be submitted by clicking here. When you upload, you'll be asked your name - please include the name(s) of those in the photos and your faith community in that field. 

Stay tuned for more details and links in the weeks to come.