Deacons are inspired to serve as the bridge between the faith communities and their neighborhoods, bringing together the gifts of the people with the needs of the world.

If you're interested in learning more about becoming a Deacon, you can find more information by clicking here.

Diaconate Monthly News

Find here archived newsletters sharing stories, resources, and upcoming events for Deacons in the Episcopal Church in Minnesota.

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Stories from Deacons

The Commission for the Diaconate is collecting stories from Deacons. Find below stories of ministry, call and trasnformation.

On Becoming . . . - the Rev. Patricia Benson

The Future of the Deacon - the Rev. Maureen Otwell

The Deacon's Forum - the Rev. Chip Whitacre

My Journey - the Rev. Rick Todd

The Deacon's Forum - the Rev. Eileen Harvala

A Long Road - the Rev. Guy Drake

Rock the Boat - the Rev. George Ham

Being the Bridge - the Rev. Harlan Strong

How will we know when we have enough deacons? When all the needs of the marginalized and vulnerable are met. When to gather the gifts of the churchand take them to the world - and to gather needs of the world and bring them to church -has become a habit. When Deacons, going back and forth, have worn down the boundary lines that we use to keep church and world separated. When Deacons, leading the baptized in and out,have beaten a path between the altar and the gutter so that everyone will see the link between the Blood in our chalices and the blood in our streets. When all people respond to the challenge to live,not in the love of power but in the power of love... Rev. Irma Wyman, Archdeacon, 1928-2015 Episcopal Church in Minnesota


Commission for the Diaconate

The purpose of the Commission for the Diaconate is to serve as a resource for the community of deacons within ECMN by networking, coordinating events, and providing pastoral support. The Commission meets monthly and sends a monthly newsletter, including updates, announcements and events. Please also consider joining the ECMN Deacon Facebook group.

See montly Commission meeting notes below:

February 2021

To communicate with the Commission, you can always email deacon@episcopalmn.org. The current Commission members are:

The Rev. Dawnlynn Greeney Convener/Chair (St. James, Marshall)

The Rev. Georgianna Smith (St. Clement's, St. Paul)

The Rev. Harlan Strong (Epiphany, Plymouth)

The Rev. Rick Todd (St. John's, White Bear Lake)

The Rev. Janet MacNally (St. Christopher's, Roseville)

The Rev. Brenda Hoffman (Ascension, Stillwater)

The Rev. Terry Erickson (St. Mark's Cathedral, Minneapolis)

The Rev. Lynne Sprick (St. Mark's, Lake City)

The Rev. George Ham (St. John's, St. Cloud)