The Art of Gathering Workshop

The Art of Gathering Workshop


Priya Parker’s book The Art of Gathering  is a handbook for bringing people together for creative, purposeful, and transformative events. Read the book and then join Steve Mullaney, Director of the University Episcopal Community, to reflect on how Parker’s principles can be brought to our faith community gatherings.

For Priya Parker, all gatherings start with one question: “Why do this?”

When we are clear on our why, we make gatherings worthy of those who show up and worthy of God’s dream for the world. When we lack clarity on why we gather, our liturgy turns from joyful and intentional to boring and rote. The Art of Gathering will inspire you to fine-tune everything from coffee hour to liturgy to vestry meetings to make all your gatherings truly count. 

Led by Steve Mullaney, director of University Episcopal Communities, through the School for Formation.

Follow-up coaching on these skills is available after the event!