Bishop's Series for Parents & Caregivers

Bishop's Series for Parents & Caregivers


Nobody can do this alone. Bishop Craig invites you to gather quarterly with him and other parents and caregivers across Minnesota. During each Zoom gathering, participants will hear from Bishop Craig and a speaker. Speakers will explore topics around the intersection of faith and home in the context of this ongoing pandemic and life. There will also be ample time to meet other parents and caregivers in small groups to reflect on what was heard, share stories, and offer each other support. This program is co-hosted by St. Mark's Cathedral.

This session will be led by the Rev. Dr. Fatimah S. Salleh of A Certain Work. It will begin a discussion around some practical ways to both start and sustain conversations about race and racism with children. This session will allow time for a Q & A.

Rev. Dr. Fatimah S. Salleh was born in Brooklyn, NY to a Puerto-Rican and Malaysian mother and an African American father. 

Dr. Salleh received her PhD in Mass Communication from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She also earned a Master’s degree from Syracuse University in Public Communication and a second Master’s in Divinity from Duke University. She is married to Eric Sorensen and they have four children.

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Sunday, May 1, 3:30-5pm