Bishop's Series for Parents & Caregivers

Bishop's Series for Parents & Caregivers


Bishop Craig invites you to gather quarterly with him and other parents and caregivers across Minnesota.

This month, we'll be joined by Scott Stoner and Holly Hughes Stoner of Living Compass for a conversation entitled, "Are We Handling Our Emotions, or Are Our Emotions Handling Us?" Holly and Scott will provide guidance for how we can both normalize and navigate the inevitable emotional ups and downs of our children and ourselves.

Scott Stoner and Holly Hughes Stoner are both Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, each with four decades of experience helping individuals, teens, couples, parents, and families. They are the co-creators of the Wellness Compass Initiative, which includes the weekly Wellness Compass podcast and the weekly Wellness Compass email column. They have been married for forty-four years and are the parents of three adult children, and are blessed to have two grandsons. They live in Madison, Wisconsin.

For many years, Holly was also a teacher at both the grade school and high school levels. Scott is an Episcopal priest and has served the church in many roles, including ten years in parish ministry. They see themselves as fellow travelers on this lifelong journey of personal and family wellness and are blessed to be able to do this work.