Enneagram Workshop: Masks, Myths and Illusions

February 23, 2019 Trinity Episcopal Church, Excelsior

Masks, Myths and Illusions-

These can keep us separated from our true selves, from each other and from God. "Over identifying with our successes and failures", according to Christopher Heuertz, "keeps us stuck" and "this is how we get ourselves lost". The Enneagram offers us a way to understand how we get lost and how we can come home to God and to ourselves.

The Enneagram is a framework of nine personality types, each with a distinct way of approaching life's challenges and opportunities.

In February, Trinity Episcopal Church in Excelsior is offering a workshop on how to identify and understand our personal Enneagram "type". We will have a unique opportunity to discover that the "Enneagram is not a tool for self-absorption but instead a map for self-liberation".

When: Saturday, February 23rd 2019
Where: Trinity in Excelsior
Time: 9:00 am - 12:00
Cost: $12:00 to cover the assessment tool
Childcare: Available at a small cost

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