CDSP/CALL-Missional Practices & Beloved Community

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CDSP/CALL-Missional Practices & Beloved Community

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Kyle Oliver

What does it mean to lead during a time of religious, sociocultural, and environmental upheaval? What can churches do differently to better reflect and nurture gospel values and God’s dream of a just, reconciled, Spirit-filled world? This course in missional leadership will ask these and related questions. We will explore concepts and experience practices of congregational development, evangelism and outreach, and equity and racial reconciliation. The course is structured, in part, according to the broad themes of the Episcopal Church’s curriculum Becoming Beloved Community … Where You Are. It will require instructor and participants alike to bring open minds and brave hearts as we attempt to tell the truth about the history and present of Christ’s church as we each claim our roles in shaping its future.

Please note that all CALL/CDSP Courses are ASYNCHRONOUS which means that there will be no online zoom meetings and all course details will be on CDSP’s Moodle platform.

Kyle Oliver is an Episcopal priest and educational media producer and researcher interested in community-building and meaning-making practices in innovative faith- and faith-adjacent communities. His dissertation documentary, Becoming Tapestry, chronicles and develops such practices with the co-directors, mentors, and young people of a West Coast foster youth mentoring ministry. Kyle serves as head of learning media at Learning Forte, a team of consultants, coaches, and trainers helping organizations and leaders embrace hybrid ministry with confidence.

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Kyle Oliver

CALL/CDSP Instructor