Prayer Book II: Pastoral Offices -- 2023.02B

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Prayer Book II: Pastoral Offices -- 2023.02B

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Jason Fout

All good liturgy is deeply theological and deeply pastoral. This course focuses on liturgy at life’s seams and disruptions, including confirmation, marriage, childbirth, praying with the sick, confession, burial, and times of crisis, looking at both pastoral and theological aspects of these liturgies. Alongside this, we will spend time looking at liturgical space, and becoming familiar with the prayer book. This seven week online course will focus on constructing and leading these services wisely and well. The course is open to anyone – lay, ordained, or discerning/training for orders. The course will take place entirely online, and will include elements where we are together at the same time online (via Zoom) and times when each person works individually. Prepare to come away feeling more familiar with these services and confident in leading them and being with people during these crucial times in life!


  • Gatta, Julia, Life in Christ: Practicing Christian Spirituality (Church Publishing, 2010).
  • Mitchell, Leonel L., Pastoral and Occasional Liturgies: A Ceremonial Guide (Cowley: 1998)
  • Available in hard copy or for free online:
    • Book of Common Prayer, 1979
    • Book of Occasional Services, 2018
    • Enriching Our Worship 2: Ministry with the Sick or Dying; Burial of a Child (Church Publishing, 2000).
    • Enriching Our Worship 3: Burial Rites for Adults, together with a Rite for the Burial of a Child (Church Publishing, 2006).
    • Enriching Our Worship 5: Liturgies and Prayers Related to Childbearing, Childbirth, and Loss (Church Publishing, 2009).
    • Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music, “I Will Bless You and You Will Be A Blessing”: Resources for the Witnessing and Blessing of a Lifelong Covenant in a Same-Sex Relationship. Liturgical Resources 1 (Church Publishing, 2012).
  • Recommended (not required) resources:
    • Changes: Prayers and Services Honoring Rites of Passage, (Church Publishing, 2007)
    • Olsen, Derek. Inwardly Digest: The Prayer Book as Guide to A Spiritual Life (Forward Movement, 2016)
    • Gatta, Julia, and Martin Smith Go in Peace: The Art of Hearing Confessions (Morehouse, 2012).

Save these dates and times for Zoom meetings: 7:00-8:30pm Central Time, Tuesday evenings, January 31, February 14, 28 and March 7, 2023. 

Jason Fout (Seabury ’01) is Associate Professor of Anglican Theology at Bexley Seabury. Fout joined the faculty in 2009. He has degrees from the University of Cambridge, Seabury-Western Theological Seminary, and the University of Illinois at Chicago. He was ordained a priest in 2001, and has served in the Diocese of Western Michigan and the Diocese of Ely (Church of England), and is presently licensed in the Dioceses of Ohio and Southern Ohio. Fout teaches courses on Anglican theology and ethics, Christology, and liturgics as well as a course on urbanism, architecture and city planning for church and community leaders. He also teaches the Learning from London travel course on contemporary mission and evangelism. His research interests include constructive theology, particularly Christology and issues around divine and human agency; theological exegesis of scripture; historical and contemporary Anglican theology; theological analysis of the built environment; Scriptural Reasoning; and missional theology.

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Jason Fout